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Armoire brought back from the dead

Wow did this piece come back from the dead or what 😮?!? We picked this piece up for Krista and as the owner of the piece was helping take it out of the house it completely crumbled apart (see the before picture below). It took some time, nails and a LOT of wood glue to resurrect this thing but we did it 😁!! Krista and I decided to white wax it with DIY Paint brand wax to still show some of the wood grain. We added new decorative hinges to the doors and distressed them. There was only one original shelf and she needed more functional storage so we added 3️⃣ additional ones for her too!

This was such a fun piece to work with and I’m so glad we were able to save it from the landfill! Thanks for hiring us Hun 😘!

#white #wax #armoire
#vintage #hinges #whitewax #diypaint #custom #beforeandafter #backfromthedead #nolandfill

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