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Family Trunks Transformed with Transfers

😍😍😍 This was a new type of project for me but Carolyn Bryant knew I was up for the challenge!! These trunks are major family heirlooms for her! It is suspected that these came over with her gradparents from Norway 😱 (no pressure right?!?)

🎨 I sanded them down, primed them inside and out (the smaller trunk had been painted HOT PINK before they came to me 🙄) and painted them in General Finishes Alabaster Milk Paint. Then she selected this HOT-OF-THE-PRESS Prima Marketing Inc. transfer that just launched in July! We split it in half to go on both trunks! Lastly, we distressed it and added some amazing bronze wheels underneath to move them around easily!

Check out the before and after of these babies 👀!! I’m so glad I had the honor to take them from the garage to be a focal point in her home 🏠!!