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Herringbone Headboard

This BEAUTIFUL king size headboard is heading to it’s new home with Nikki Craig tomorrow 🏠!!

🎨 Based off of some Pinterest inspiration, my husband build the herringbone design frame. We did the first coat of stain in General FinishesColonial Maple Gel Stain followed by a coat of GF Java stain to really add depth. We did the grey boards in GF Gray Gel Stain and added the white detail with their Winter White glaze. I sealed the whole piece in GF Arm-R-Seal to give it a nice glow 💡.

Added two french cleats on the back so it can hang on her wall and TADA!! I can’t wait to see how she styles it in her bedroom 😍!!

📸 Btw: you might now be able to tell but I am fully laying on my stomach to take this photo, Ashley may have been cracking up watching me 😂

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