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Grey Stain Dining Set

Talk about UNIQUE 😍!! LaTonia VonBehren Jones was super inspired by a dining set she saw online that had a grey stain top and chairs with a white paint base and asked if I could replicate it….. I was UP for the challenge 💪!!!

🎨 After COMPLETELY sanding it all down, I first stained the top in General Finishes Gray Gel Stain and then did a coat in Weathered Gray for color payoff! The base is painted in the GF enameled white top coat for durability. The whole piece was sealed in GF High Performance Top coat in Flat.

Thanks for the new challenge girl ✅! So excited for you to see it tomorrow! What do you guys think of this style look!?!? I just so happen to have a dining set that needs to be refinished…. **hint hint**