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Bird Transfer Dresser

🐦🐦This dresser is for the birds!! 🐦🐦 Check out the final results of this dresser I customized for Andi Ortin and her husband 😍!! I sanded it all down, primed it and painted it in General Finishes Driftwood Milk paint, added some slight distressing for character and sealed it in the GF High Performance Top coat in Flat. 👉 Andi… Read More Bird Transfer Dresser

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Fresh Medicine Cabinet

Custom orders come in all shapes and sizes!! This little vintage medicine cabinet was a request from my friend Cailee, owner of WISCO WELL & GOODS to fix up and use in her massage studio to hold essential oils and other goodies 🙂 I gave it a good sanding and a good cleaning, did 3 coats of primer… Read More Fresh Medicine Cabinet