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Distressed Family Heirloom


This custom piece for @jennifer allen is now an absolute dream! It was in rough shape when they dropped it off. Two drawers needed repair, the mirror had fallen out of the door and there was quite a bit of duct tape residue that someone had used to tape the door shut 🙄.

I sanded it down, puttied deep scratches and holes and painted it in General Finishes Perfect Grey Milk paint 🎨🖌. We added some light distressing on the edges and added the new knobs that Jennifer picked out. New wooden wheels help this piece move around much easier and the new magnetic closure on the large door, helps to keep it closed. Finished it off by top coating the entire piece in GF High Performance top coat in a flat finish to protect it 💪.

This family heirloom will be all set to go in her family for years to come! Thanks for trusting me with your piece Jennifer!! It was a pleasure bringing it back to life!! 🥰🥰🥰

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