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Mirror and Dresser Set

Ok… I’m officially in love….

Makayla asked if I would give this dresser from her grandparents 👵👴 a clean slate and fresh start (what an HONOR)! I was up for the challenge!!

First, we had some structural work 💪, two of the drawers were cracked (see the before picture) so those were reglued and patched. She also wanted me to add wheels so I had to remove the original metal pieces on the bottom to add the wheels and the holders.

🎨 This dresser has been grey, light green and mustard yellow over the years (got to see the full color range while I was sanding it down- I’ll put the picture in the comments) but Makayla really wanted to keep it classic with General Finishes Alabaster milk paint.

We bought new hardware from House of Antique Hardware and Makayla wanted it and the original keyhole covers painted black as well!

Such a classic look 😍 what do you think of the final look?!?

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