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Mid-Century Modern Shelf

As a little Mother’s day present, you guys get a full reveal PEEK at a piece that will be for sale at the šŸŒ¾Market on the MississippišŸŒ¾ July 10th & 11th (and if we are not allowed to meet in person then, we will have an online sale, promise we have a fall back planšŸ˜˜)

šŸŒ¾Event info here:

I’m so mad I didn’t get a before photo on this guy because you wouldn’t even recognize it!! I took off the sliding doors on the front, had Jim help me add a new shelf inside of it, painted it inĀ General FinishesĀ China BlueĀ šŸ’™Ā milk paint, sealed in GF High Performance top coat and I did a little glam on the legs with metallic goldĀ āœØ!!

What do you think of this Mid-century modern cutie?!?

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