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Custom Stain Table

Custom order for Pam ✅

This table was not only tired looking but I also had such a weird finish on it that was literally sticky and waxy to the touch 🤢. This table may have drove me to the breaking point sanding it all down to bare wood…. the worst!!

But here is where the store gets better ➡️ once it was sanded down I stained it in a custom stain mix of General Finishes Nutmeg and American Colonial to get close to the color it was originally. Finally it was sealed in 3 coats of GF Arm-R-Seal in Satin for a super durable finish 💪!

Pam told me she hasn’t been able to use this table for years and is so excited to have it back in working order!! Can’t wait to see it set up in her home 🏠!! Thanks for trusting me with it!

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