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Crib Refresh

Delivered this custom crib back to Rochelle Clark 👶. Painted in General Finishes Snow White and their new Brushable Enamel for durability (P.S.- why are babies so hard on their cribs 😂!!) She promised me she would send me some pictures to post when the nursery was all set up!! I can’t wait to see!! I promise to show… Read More Crib Refresh

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Mixed Paint Dresser

Custom orders for DAYS!!! Leonna brought this dresser all the way over from Appleton, WI for a makeover for her guest room 🛏. We decided on a custom mix between General Finishes of Seagull Grey and Persian Blue 💙. Now, yes you are very observant, there are no handles on this tall handsome dresser 🤓… yet. Leonna is picking them… Read More Mixed Paint Dresser