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Family Dresser to Cushioned Seat

Another custom piece out the door đŸ’ƒ!! This dresser used to be Amy Schoepp’s grandma’s đŸ‘” and she wanted to revamp it to keeps it modern in her home and office space. 📏🔹We obviously had some structural work to do to move the skinny drawer down and make the piece strong enough to support weight. We completely reinforced… Read More Family Dresser to Cushioned Seat

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Family Built Dresser Redone

💃Wahoo look at me go💃 I finished up restyling my husband’s dresser today! Painted in General Finishes Coastal Blue and the top stained in Antique Walnut with a flat finish 💙. We got our new knobs from Menards and I think it just gives an awesome new look overall. Jim‘s great grandpa BUILT this dresser somewhere around 75 years ago!!… Read More Family Built Dresser Redone

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Mixed Paint Dresser

Custom orders for DAYS!!! Leonna brought this dresser all the way over from Appleton, WI for a makeover for her guest room 🛏. We decided on a custom mix between General Finishes of Seagull Grey and Persian Blue 💙. Now, yes you are very observant, there are no handles on this tall handsome dresserÂ đŸ€“… yet. Leonna is picking them… Read More Mixed Paint Dresser

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Family Heirloom Turned Paint and Stain Combo

Custom order for Sally Mashak ✔ This piece was actually a family heirloom for her family. It started as her husband’s changing table when he was a babyÂ đŸ‘¶Â so it is at least 50 years old! It was in pretty good shape so I sanded it down, painted the base in General Finishes Charleton Blue chalk paint and the… Read More Family Heirloom Turned Paint and Stain Combo